How to Make a Paper Airplane

How to make a paper airplane is a question that many students, as well as teachers and kids of all ages, ponder. For those that are not that familiar with the process of making paper airplanes, you should know that it requires paper, sewing scissors, glue, duct tape, and fabric. To make a paper airplane, all you have to do is get the paper together, set the paper on the table and start sewing the two pieces of paper together. As the two pieces of paper are sewn together, you can add any design that you would like.

Once the pieces of paper are together, you will be able to test your paper airplane to see if it’s good enough to fly. Start the tip of the paper at the top and attach it to the body of the paper by using the back of a sharp craft knife, cutting the cloth from the top to the tip of the paper. Cut off a small piece of the cloth at the end of the knife, this is the opening for the vent. While the two pieces of paper are together, there are two vents you will need to attach onto the edges of the paper, these vents can either be attached to the paper by using hot glue or you can use hot glue to attach them with the help of a craft knife.

Now you will attach the two vents onto the bottom of the paper, creating a vent and leaving about a half inch to the bottom of the paper. Next, start attaching the bottom of the paper to the paper, folding the paper gently. Once both vents are attached to the bottom of the paper, add the last few pieces of cloth to finish the edges of the edges.

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