The sexy celebrities (20 GIFS)

This is America, dammit. We worship our celebrities like deities and put them on a pedestal. We also lust after many of them and use them as stencils for our ideal man/woman/fuck buddy. On that note, if you could use a “hall pass” to bang any celebrity, who would it be? That’s the question we posed to you guys on our Instagram and your responses were… unsurprising, but still wonderful. Honestly, this is just another opportunity to lust after your favorite celebrity a little more. So, on with the show!
Taylor Swift
Beside Kate Beckinsale?
Salma Hayek
“Jesus id take anything at this point”
–grindianajones(Whatever you’re into, brother…)
“Flo the progressive insurance lady…”
–thestlouisfoodie(I lied, some of these are weird)
Scarlett Johansson!
Gina Carano
Jessica Alba – duh
Olivia Munn
Jennifer Aniston
Kate Upton
Chive out here trying to ruin some post valentines highs
–andrewmidds(Don’t ruin it for the rest of us, Andrew!)
Reese Witherspoon as June Carter
–cherryholmescole(How very specific)
Anna Kendrick
Alexandra Daddario and it’s not even close.
Ana de Armas and the misses said it’s ok 😂
Sydney Maler
–goodtimesjoe(I can tell you from experience, she’s even more smoking hot in person. Not that I actually talked to her or anything)
“Nahhh not falling for this one”
–sean_herman(Did I hear a whip cracking?)
Easy, Candace Swanepoel, no contest

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