When the Music Video Doesn’t Match the Song

When the music video doesn’t match the song, it is usually pretty obvious. But sometimes when the song doesn’t match the video, you might have to be a little more subtle to get to the core issue of why the clip just doesn’t work. The one thing that is most important when trying to understand the song/video match is the vocal and instrumental arrangement. In order for a song to be completed successfully and a singer to be showcased, both parts have to sound equally good. If they don’t, the vocal or instrumental arrangement might not quite match up with the vocals or instrumentals in the song.

Great examples of this happen all the time. For example, Madonna, with her song “Like A Virgin”, once sung by Rihanna, is one of the more successful pop videos of all time. Of course, there is no question that the visuals on this song work brilliantly. But how does that translate to the actual singing? Of course, they are two different things. The vocals are where the song is more than half of the time. So, when the vocals are not included correctly, you will most likely hear a mismatch between the song and the vocals.

Of course, if you are trying to pick out a specific example, when the music video doesn’t match the song, it can often be difficult to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. As a general rule of thumb, if you do not like the vocals or instrumental arrangement on the song, then the chances are there is something wrong with them. One way to go about checking out the vocals and arrangement for a song is to either watch a sample video of the actual singers singing live, or to listen to the song. It can sometimes help if you watch the actual video of the singer before you listen to the song.

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