Most Amazing Top 10 Scary Movies

In the book, Most Amazing Top 10 Scariest Places on Earth, author Mark Fagin follows the lives of his subjects. Following the lives of his ten scary movie’s characters; Poltergeist, The Exorcist, House, Creepshow, Return of the Living Dead, The Omen, and Night of the Living Dead, the author covers all their different situations from beginning to end. He covers what the characters were like, what their careers in movies were like, what they did for fun, and what influences shaped them. This book is a must read if you love the scary movies and want to know more about each of the characters.

Most Amazing Top 10 Scary Movie Characters – Review by Mark Fagin is a great book that covers the lives of these movie characters. From the beginning, it explores the life and career of Father Damien Murphy (The Poltergeist) and his interaction with his family. He is from Louisiana, and the characters are both Southern and New Orleans. While many of his family did not know he was haunted by evil spirits, they gradually began to come around. The book takes place from his first appearance in 1978 to his death in 2020. This is a great story of change, both emotional and physical.

What makes this book great is that it is so well written. It goes into detail on each character’s life. The information is amazing. Although most of the chapters do seem to be going in circles, the writing is so good that the reader does not mind that. The author uses the stories to put a human face on the characters, so readers can connect and get to know them. When I read this book, I realized how similar I had felt to some of the characters. This book is absolutely amazing and will make you fear something just as scary if not scarier.

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